Local racing …

3 members of our crew took part in local coastal racing in Jersey at the weekend, Alison and Helene joining up with 2 fellow JRC rowers Giles Adu and Paul Rioda to make up a mixed Fours, Rosemary rowing solo 💪👌 Thank you Sue Cubbon for coxing and avoiding the rocks on this treacherous coastline!

It was a double header with the Saturday race being Town-Gorey 15K and Sunday in reverse Gorey-Town. Massive contrast of wall to wall sunshine and calm conditions on Sat………. but what a difference a day makes! Sunday saw F4+ winds and strong outgoing tide resulting in made huge waves! As Giles said it was an exhilarating combination of being on a roller coaster and a washing machine simultaneously!

Oh and it was a handicapped race so we did start a way down the field so we were delighted to be 2nd across the line on Saturday and 1st on Sunday!  Very pleased with ourselves!

Not as big as the waves we expect to encounter on our Atlantic crossing but we will be in a much bigger boat for that one. Our super new RX45!