Today we made our way to the beautiful St Brelade’s Bay, where we had a photo shoot with the very talented Danny Richardson. We stood at the top of the pier in various positions trying to look arty while Danny gave us directions from the beach. We were in our brand new t-shirts, very kindly donated by Mike at TDS (who had great patience with us while we changed our minds on the colour) the design and logo having been created by the fantastic Andy Ozouf of Ozouf Advertising .  We then made our way to the beach as the light was dipping, Danny took various photos of us both as a crew and individually, probably the first of many photo shoots as we travel through this two year journey to get to the start line at La Gomera in 2023. 

We are excited at the prospect, but also very aware of the mammoth task ahead of us before we even row a stroke in the direction of Antigua! Everyone is their own worst critic, but when we got the photos we were very happy with the finished articles. Thank you Danny, Andy and Mike for making this happen!